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Security and privacy

Weblectronics is a respected company in the home shopping market. We treat customer data to and will not provide to third parties.Reliability, security and integrity are of paramount importance at Weblectronics. Certainly in terms of your customer data. When you indicate that your data into the system of Weblectronics want to change or completely remove, please submit a written request by letter or e-mail. Secured transactions During the payment of your order, the connection between you and Weblectronics is secured using a so-called SSL connection. During this connection, the encrypted transaction data sent over the internet. You can use an SSL connection to recognize the lock icon in the bottom status bar of your browser. To use this service, you will not need additional software, your web browser is sufficient. Privacy Policy Weblectronics takes your privacy very seriously. For us it is obvious your personal information is confidential and thus is protected. Weblectronics appreciates the trust you place in us and we will do everything to enable the best possible protection. Weblectronics treat your data strictly confidential and will never be your email address, name or other personal information to sell, rent, or disclose to third parties. We tailor our websites to fit the user behaviour of consumers and for this purpose we collect and use non-personal information about visitors to our websites. Here you could think of previously visited pages and browser version. The data will only be used for statistical data and will never be with you personally associated. our websites may prevent us to websites that are not under its own management point: we can not guarantee the protection and confidentiality of the data that you leave on. If you have questions about your personal data, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone 0900 666 999 6 (0.10 ct p / m). If you object to receive newsletters or other updates, you can also send an e-mail to Unsubscribe Advertising and Banners It is you may have noticed that when you visit a website you will see more and more articles that you last viewed. This is a new way of banners which Weblectronics works with. We want to ensure that the personal banner, is the most relevant to you. Cookies If you have visited a website of Weblectronicste, a cookie is placed on your computer. A cookie allows to see the search and browsing behavior on the website. In this way we what products you have recently viewed. As you trace the you, you will receive a banner presented containing products you have recently viewed, or products from the same product category. You're the only one who gets to see these personalized banners. The data are placed by Google, they do not keep records of you personally just your surfing habits to a website Weblectronics. All information is so anonymously. The cookie remains in total 30 days on your computer, then delete all information. If during this period a website Weblectronics revisit, the search information refreshed. Unsubscribe Bannering If you object to record your surfing habits, or placing a cookie, then you can unsubscribe through the link below. You can unsubscribe here for all providers of personalized banners: